Thursday, April 2, 2015

Another Week

Ok, yes, president will be at this meeting, and I have no idea where he stays of how he gets here. As long as charlie is reading his scriptures every day and praying, I wouldn´t be too worried about it. He´s a good kid,and what music do you want to send me? You can usually send it through an email and then I can download it here, but a cd or a usb work, it doesn´t really matter.
Ok, so this week was really long, and I honestly don´t remember most of it... I know that we worked hard, and we helped some people out. We also gave the fifth sunday lesson to our ward about the ward mission plan. It went really well! We started out by showing part of Elder Bednar´s talk from this last conference. That was a pain in the neck! We only had a dvd player with a tv to play it, so I had to download the video, then convert it to the right format, and then burn it to a dvd. It was really frustrating but in the end I was triumphant, and, like the prophets have said, the computer was the servant, not the master. After we showed this video we went through each point in the mission plan and talked about what it meant, how we do it, and then we had a member give testimony about how it can work. It was going really well, and it ended with a bang! The last point on the plan in that we work really hard to make sure new converts feel loved and stay active, so we had a woman named Margret talk about that. She´s a recent convert from Africa, and she gave a strong testimony of how our ward had really helped her feel loved and how "giving herself to christ has changed her life." She´s really made me think about myself, and I´ve been asking myself "have I truly given myself to Christ?" Yea, I´m here on a mission, but just being out here isn´t enough. I´ve decided that is my top goal right now. To give myself to Christ. If you have any ideas about how I should do this, please let me know :)
This was not the only good part of our Sunday, I also gave a talk about how we can share the gospel with our friends. I talked about the Example that Ammon has set for us, and how he just went to serve the people, and be an example. I said that the best way to share this gospel is to seek out opportunities to serve and be examples to others, and that as we activly seek out opportunities, the Lord will help us find them. After I spoke, a great member named Jonas spoke. He recently returned from his mission in Greece, and he spoke about living with Christ in the center of our lives, and how we should try to show the same love to others that he shows to us. Honestly, this was probably the best church service I have ever attended, and one of the most powerful events of my mission so far, and I´m so glad that it was shared with the 4 less active families that were at church. It was a fantastic day.
Thanks for all of your support and prayers, I can feel the love that you all have for me and this work :)
Elder Oliphant
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