Monday, September 7, 2015

Things Are Looking Up!

Hey mom! 
So this week was a lot better! We saw a lot of success and
had a lot of fun along with it! On Tuesday we went out to visit two
brothers from India, Vishu and hebjud. They're super cool, but I'll
talk about that a little later. They weren't home for our appointment,
so we followed our backup plan and went to search for a contact that
lived around that area. We talked to this man o the street last week,
and he told us his address, but not his name. We came to the building
and just decided to ask everyone there if they had interest until we
found this man. Well, after we talked to three people, a man came out
of the building and told us to get lost... I didn't like that very
much. We politely explained what we were doing, and why, but he didn't
care and he didn't want us to stay. It turns out he just lived there,
and he actually had no right to tell us to leave, so we told him that.
It actually felt really good to just stand up to this man, and to not
let him hinder the work of salvation. I also really felt a strength
that didn't come from me, because I don't like confrontation, but I
was calm, focused, and confident. It just showed me that God is really
on our side, and he will give us the strength to do what is required
of us.

After this experience we had a feeling to walk down this other street,
and we ran into 3 men from Eritrea that we actually met about a month
ago on the street! I don't know if I explained the situation in
Eritrea, but there are a lot of refugees coming here from there,
because of religious persecution. These people have so much faith, and
they want to learn, but most of them can only speak a language called
Tigrinya, and there's no church material in this language. These three
men we met were very similar, except one of them spoke German pretty
well, and another one can read a very similar language (Amharic). We
were able to give them a Book of Mormon in this language that they
will be able to understand. Awesome!

After we set up an appointment with these guys we went back to the
Indians, and they were home! They let us in, and we had a great lesson
with them! We're really excited to help them understand even more!

A lot more happened this week, we FINALLY had interviews with Pres.
Fingerle. They were really good, it was nice to finally get to know
him better. We had interviews in Chemnitz, for some reason, and man,
that place is not quite as pretty as Dresden (Ghetto!). But right
after our interviews we came back to Dresden, and guess who was there
teaching institute, PRESIDENT KOSAK!! :) :) oh, that made me so happy
to see him again. He's awesome!
One more cool thing from this week. We had a trainer, new missionary meeting in Berlin at the mission HOME! This was the first meeting in the mission home since 12 years ago. Cool, huh? We were all pretty stoked. We came, talked about being good examples, and learned, and ate tacos, and yea. Haha, fun.

Well, things are starting to look up. Today we're going to Radebeul, that's where president monson dedicated Germany for missionary work. It should be a good day :) Thanks for your support and love. Have a great week! Elder Oliphant Heavy black heart

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