Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week 56

Hey y'all! We had a great week here in Dresden, Sachsen, Germany. I
don't have a ton of time today because we got up early to help a
family paint there apartment, and it took 6 hours, so that's most of
our p day, but it was great! I love serving people :) there are just a
few experiences I wanted to share.

 We had the opportunity to go back
to Freiberg this week to visit the temple. Not just once, but twice!
We had a zone training meeting on Wednesday, and it felt so nice to be
back in my little city. Man, I miss Freiberg sometimes. But Dresden is
also wonderful! So amazing, and so pretty! During the ZTM we talked
about goals, and how there are a lot of goals that we can control, but
there are a lot of other ones that we can't, and we shouldn't always
be so concerned when we don't achieve a goal that was out of our
control, like for baptism. Just because someone decides not to make a
covenant with our Heavenly Father, we shouldn't become mad or upset at
ourselves, everyone has their agency, and they can choose for
themselves. As long as we are doing everything that we can to help and
encourage our friends, then we know we are doing our part.

That was our first trip to Freiberg this week, the second one was a
bit of a surprise. Do you remember our investigator T****? Well, we
had been talking with him about the temple, and on Friday he called us
up and said "hey, can we go to the temple tomorrow?" So we hopped back
on a train with him the next morning and went to Freiberg. It was such
a wonderful experience. The sisters there prepared a very personal
tour of the information center and it really helped to answer a lot of
his questions about temples today, the Holy Ghost, and baptism.

We were so happy to go with our great friend and learn more together
about the blessings of the temple, the only problem was that it's the
end of the month, so we're pretty low on money, and we had to use the
rest of our money to buy the train ticket... Uh oh! We were really
worried that we would be eating straight rice for this next week (we
only have 3€) and then, that night when we were walking home, we
looked on the ground and found 20€! There were no people around, and
all of the stores were closed, so we took it as a sign from heaven
helping us out for this next week. Now we can afford more than just
rice :) And really, this blessing that we had isn't so special, God
will always care for his children when we give everything to him. We
spent all of our money trying to help one of his children, and he
blessed us with just enough so we could eat this week, and we are VERY

I love you, have a great week!

Elder Oliphant Heavy black heart

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