Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hello family and friends! The MTC is still pretty great :) i can't complain too much, except the food is still not very good, but I've found a system that works very well. For breakfast I get a bagel with Creme Cheese, maybe a bowl of Cereal and some fruit. For Lunch and dinner I get a wrap! They have a little place where you can make your own wrap, so i pile on a ton of veggies with some chicken and a little salad dressing and bam! I have a great meal :) I've also lost weight since I've been here, but my life would be much better if you'd send me some magnesium and vitamin C supplements. There's a cold going around and I don't want to get sick!
So we got to go to the temple dedication at 10:30 and Elder Bednar spoke. He's a great speaker, I love hearing him talk. We also had a devotional this week and the speaker was Elder Ballard! thats 2 apostles in 2 weeks! That almost never happens! I also got to sing in the choir for that devotional, but barely. There are just under 600 spots in the devotional choir, and it first come first serve, and around 1000 missionaries show up every week. It's so ridiculous, but I really don't care that much because guess what? The MTC has been invited to sing in the priesthood session of conference and I made it into the choir! I'm going to sing in conference!!!! That was so cool to find out about :) totally made my day!

In the pictures I have one with all the guys in my branch who I hang out with. We're all a tight group and we have a ton of fun.
Elder Winkel

Boys wrestling--Shocking!

 Also, we found a little basketball in one of the narnia holes in our room, so I made us a basketball hoop! Check it out! It's so legit!! haha we have so much fun together, maybe a little too much fun ;) there are few things that could make this better, one of which would be more mail. 

Honestly everyone in my district gets so much more mail than I do, it's a little sad :/ but i'm not here for mail, I'm here for the Lord. one more crazy thing happened this week, a cat wandered on to the MTC. Yea, a domesticated cat. It was so cute we went and picked it up and petted it. It was so soft it reminded me my sassy, but of course sassy is way cuter :) but that reminds me, were you going to send that photo album? Just wondering :P thank you for the package though, honestly getting a package is the most exciting thing that happens. Every thing else is good, it's just routine, so I don't get as excited anymore. Thanks for all your letters though, I love hearing what's going on. please let me know how BYU is doing in sports though! I have no access to anything sports related and It's KILLING ME! I'm pretty sure the staff is instructed to not tell us anything. it's awful. Hope to hear more from you soon, and please, could you send me Liam's mailing address? ASAP! thanks :) Send my love to everyone and thank you for the prayers :)
Another Basketball Buddy

Thank you dad, I really appreciated hearing this. I love hearing abot whats going on at home :) I'm so glad that my service is sending blessings your way. The MTC is an amazing place and I love it here. My testimony has grown so much, and now I truly have a testimony of personal revelation and the atonement. I feel my saviors love for me each and every day, and I can't get enough. I love this place and wish I could stay forever, even though the food isn't very good. Thanks for the packages and love that comes with them, but honestly, don't send chips, send food thats satisfying, like that beef jerky! and that granola! that would be so much better than chips and candy. I love you all and miss you. Please send me some picture too! I want to see whats happening :)
Elder C

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