Thursday, February 19, 2015

Spiffy New Bike!

Hey mom,
Ok with N*** he has been in Bremen for the past couple weeks because he just had some family move here from Syria, and they only speak Arabic. So he is there so he can translate for them and help them get everything sorted out with the government. He´s been gone for a while, but we still have contact, and he still wants to be baptized :)
We get our transfer calls on Saturday this week, and I´ll probably be going but I don´t know. Plus we´re not allowed to make transfer predictions ;)
Sister Bateman just went to America a few days ago, and she took it with her, so you should be getting something really soon :)
Ok. So this week was very interesting. I don´t want to make you worry, but we got food poisoning from some bad meat. So for 24 hours Elder Timmerman and I were in our apartment in total misery. Oh it was awful! Elder Timmerman wanted some medicine, so we wen´t to a pharmacy, he explained the problem, and the great german doctors prescribed us an herbal tea... Yea. Thanks Germany! Elder Timmerman didn´t think that was going to be very good, so he just bought some laxatives... Why? I don´t know. But I´ve had a lot of fun since then ;) He´s been playing little pranks on me since I got here, so I finally got him back. I put 3 times the recommended amount in his water bottle, his Chili, and his ranch dressing... haha, he´s been on the toilet a lot ;)
We´re starting an English class this week, and it´s crazy how many people here don´t want to learn english! So many people are just saying "Nein, das brauche ich nicht"... It´s a little frustrating, but we´re still seeing a lot of success with it. Wish us luck!!
Ok, I love you, I´m sorry, I don´t have a lot of time today :( BUt I´m thinking of you, and love you all :)

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