Tuesday, February 3, 2015


This is super great, because Elder Timmerman is a Broncos fan  Sweet!
Man, well that made my day. It´s been really hard though, because all of our members keep inviting us over to watch it with them, and we have to keep saying no. It´s rough, but hey, it happens. That´s so awesome that Abraham got his mission call!! I´ll be sure to give him my address so he can send me some ties :) But honestly, I´d rather be in a first world country than have cheap ties.  Also I don´t know what you had in the package, but they opened it  up in the airport. I got the watches, gum, Sour Patch kids, 
Swedish fish, Duct tape, peanut butter, tortillas, and the Pokemon stickers... Was there anything else in there?

Anyway, thank you for the package :) Elder TImmerman is very happy to have some good peanut butter again, and I´m very thankful to have a great mom that helps me out here :)
Ok... So this week was really uneventful until Friday. On Friday we finally made contact with N***, our great friend from Syria. We hadn´t had contact with him at all, since he didn´t show up at church, and we were really worried about him. Fortunately, he called us, and told us that he had been all around Germany going to interviews and trying to find out if he´ll stay in Leer, or if the Government is going to move him somewhere else. For now he´s staying here, but that could change at any moment. 
So we had contact, and he told us he was planning to come to our ward Bosseln on Saturday What is Bosseln you ask? Good question. It´s a sport, where all you do is throw a wooden ball down a street for around 7 kilometers, and then throw it back. You throw it like a bowling ball, and you play in teams, and you try to win... Somehow. It´s kind of a stupid sport. I had no idea how anyone could enjoy it, until I saw another group playing, pulling a wagon load of beer with them. I guess that explains it :P
Even though the sport was weird, N*** had a great time with his family, and is still preparing to be baptized this week.
Love you all,
Go Patriots!!

Is he standing on something?
Hard earned money...

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