Monday, January 26, 2015

Rough Week

Hey mom,
Sorry about the pictures, some things happened last week that stopped me from uploading them, but don´t worry, there coming this week. 
Well, I´m not going to lie, this week was awful. We had an apartment inspection, but our apartment was really gross. So we spent 9 hours cleaning it. Also, it didn´t have a bunch of stuff it needed to have, so we spent 80 € buying all the stuff we needed. Yea, it was rough. Fortunately, our apartment was so nice and clean the office is going to give us new bikes! Woo hoo! 
That was one good part, but after that we had like 10 appointments fall out this week, a couple other investigators tchüssed us (said they don´t want to learn anymore) and we don´t know if K**** and frau K**** are going to be able to make their baptismal dates :( We just haven´t been able to meet with them this week. It´s really sad.
Some other bad things, my bike broke, again, No one who said they were coming to church came, and we had a member get really mad at us.

All in all, this week was really bad, but fortunately, the Lord always shows his tender mercies, we just need to look for them. One of them for us is N***. We met with him twice this last week, and we taught him all the commandments. He does have problems with some of them, but he really, sincerely wants to change his life. He has been the greatest blessing in my life. I´m so glad I´ve had the opportunity to teach him and his family. 
Ok, just to answer some questions, don´t worry about tortillas, we have a ton of taco mix, the ZLs and DL are the same.
We should get packages next week at our Zone Training Meeting.
No, we can´t watch the superbowl
Love you :)

Also, we have a new diet plan. We eat whatever we want, and then we don´t eat anything after 6 PM. Elder Timmerman´s lost 8 pound. I´ve lost 6

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