Monday, January 12, 2015

LOTS of pictures, a transfer, more thoughts on food

Hey mom! 

Ok, The camera works just fine, so I probably won´t need a new one, but how long will it take to get fixed? Because brother Bateman is going to America this week (With another package from me :)) and he might be able to bring it back. We´re going to lunch with them today so I´ll ask him about it. 
So far I´ve been taking out about 100€ every transfer, but I need to slow down. I really don´t need any more ties... Haha I left with 9 and now I have 20... yes! There just aren´t a lot of things you can switch up as a missionary, and I like my ties... Also that brings me to another point. In my mission we are not allowed to wear Khaki pants... I have 2 pairs. What should I do with them? I was thinking that I could send them to you, and you could take them to missionary mall and try to exchange them for gray/navy pants, but what are your thoughts on that? 

Ok, say Fin- (like Finland) ger-(like Germam) le (like led). Fingerle. (Pronunciation of the new mission president coming this summer)
Ok So now I know you´re dying to know about transfers so I´ll tell you. Elder Smith was transferred : (
He´s going to Kassel in Hessen! And his new companion is going to be Elder Warby, who was in my MTC group. Fun stuff! Yes, now that he´s leaving I will be taking the bottom bunk. 
My new companion is named Elder Timmerman. He is from North Carolina, he´s a football player, and I
Elder Timmerman is on the right
don´t really know him, but he sound´s like a great guy, and I think we´re going to have a lot of fun together :) And because Elder Smith is leaving, 3 members have invited us over to eat with them today. We are going to get SO FAT!!! 
Hamburg Zone

Elders Smith, Winkel and Oliphant

Elder Smith
So about this last week. We had a mission tour. That´s where a general authority comes through the mission and meets all the missionaries. The General authority was Elder Kopischke, and actually his brother is the Elder´s quorum president in our branch! How about that. It was pretty cool. We got to go to Hamburg, and we had a big zone conference with 4 zones and 120 missionaries! That´s almost half the mission! It was way fun, and the waking up at 4:30 and having 6 hours of travel wasn´t even that bad.
The other high point of my week was Saturday night. We bought Roulada, which is basically just flank steak rolled up. We unrolled it, stuffed them with peppers, onions, mushrooms, and cheese, and then put it in the oven with a curry-garlic sauce that we made. Oh it was glorious. It tasted like a philly without a bun. Oh I loved it so much. Sadly, we probably won´t be making that too often. Roulada is about 16€ for half a kilo. The only reason we could afford it was because it was on sale for 2€!! Sweet deal! 

All in all we had a great week, and I love being in Leer :)
Tschüss!! Bis nächstes mal!
Apartment in Leer

Elder Smith and some Pokemon stickers sent at Chase's request

Elders and members in Leer

Elder Goofball


  1. Your companion is going to work with my former student. Hope all goes well for all of you. I wonder what German spoken with a southern accent will sound like? Great pictures, love hearing about you. Love, Grandma

    1. And that student is my son. It's amazing how small the world truly is.

  2. Ich hatte Weihnachtsessen mit Der Familie Köpischke als ich Missionar war. Er wurde unser Distriktpräsident und in unser Zweig gewesen. Er hatte ein sehr toller Vorname, obwohl er es falsch buchstabierte. Ha! Erich