Monday, January 5, 2015

Guten Rutsch!

Hey mom :) 

(Editor's note: I told him about the Youth theme this year, D & C 4:2)
That´s a really cool theme for this year. Tell all the beehives that they need to go on missions! Yea :)
So this week was a little crazy, with the new year and all that. On new years eve everyone buys a ridiculous amount of fireworks and alcohol, and then they have a party which starts at 6:00 pm, and ends when the sun comes back up. They drink, laugh, and make a ton of noise, until the clock strikes 12. Then, all at once everyone lights of their fireworks and oh my goodness, is it loud! It woke us up, and I thought the world was ending. Honestly, if you thought fireworks were big in America, go to Germany sometime. It´s crazy. After all the fireworks are used up, you´d think everyone would´ve had enough noise for one night. Sadly, no. After the fireworks people start throwing their empty bottles into the air. Why? I have no idea. But in the morning everything is covered in broken glass and leftover firework stuff.
Because of all this we had to stay in our apartment on new years eve, making it pretty much useless for proselyting. We were just hoping to be able to do something on new years day, but that was also a pretty big waste of time. because everyone sleeps all day. We tried to find people on the street, and there was no one there. We tried to go dooring, and everyone who answered got mad at us for waking them up... at 4:00 in the afternoon. Germany. I love it, but it´s strange sometimes.
But we did have one great thing this week. We did an exchange! And I got to go to Wilhemshaven with Elder Williams. Man, we get along great. He´s a football player, and when he gets back he has a scholarship to play at SUU. He also really likes basketball, and we both like the same music, food, and on top of that, we both love being a missionary! We had a great time together, I love Elder Williams.
Well here´s my letter for this week. It was crazy, but we loved it :)

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