Monday, January 19, 2015

Man, what a week!

Hey Momma! 

So, Elder Timmerman is great! He is just a ball of energy. I swear, president Kosak was just trying to be as funny as possible with this transfer. He took the tallest biggest guy, and shortest biggest guy, and smashed us together. But it´s ok, because he´s great ;) Haha, he´s really cool. We get along just fine :)
SO, something else amazing happened this week. We gave out 3 baptismal dates, and everyone accepted them! Ni***, K****, And F. K**** will all be baptized on the 7th of February! Elder Timmerman and I are doing great work here. K**** has been an investigator for the past 3 years, and has such strong faith in Christ. I´ve learned a lot from teaching her, and my testimony has been strengthened from her. N***, we found on the street, and he came here from Syria because the people there wanted to kill him and his family because they aren´t Muslim, so they decided to move to Germany and then we found them! We´re also going to start teaching his wife, but that´s going to be really hard, because she only speaks arabic and spanish. It´s hard, but through the Lord all things are possible! Man, his family is super cute too. He has 2 little daughters, 3 and 1. They have been such a blessing to us. This week we are planning to teach them the commandments, which can be pretty difficult, so I would appreciate your prayers for us. 
The package from Brother Bateman will get there. It should´ve already come, but he had to go on an emergency trip to Latvia for his work. When he´s finished there he said he´s planning to go back to America, and then you should get it. 
Also, the Tan pants isn´t a mission rule, it´s a rule for all of Europe. A new mission president isn´t going to change that. Oh, and speaking of new pants, my gray pants ripped :( I sent you a picture, so you can take it to missionary mall and get a new pair for free, right? They have that 2 year warranty.
We haven´t heard from Blessing in Weeks, I don´t think she want´s to meet with us :/ sad :/
Well, gotta go.

Love you mom, peace be with you. 

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