Monday, May 18, 2015


Hey Mom! 
So, we have had an incredible week! This week we had a German holiday, Christ-Himmel-Fahrt. Officially, they celebrate the day where Christ ascended into heaven after his resurrection. Unofficially, it´s called man day. It´s where all of the men go out and get totally drunk. A real German holiday :) Because of how crazy it gets here we had to be inside at 6:00 unless we were with a member. I hate being in our apartment, so fortunately a member invited us over for dinner! The Bobinger Family (you already have a picture with them). They are so nice. They made a giant feast for us and they grilled! Bratwurst, schnitzel, so much meat! It was amazing. So great. They also invited their nephew who lives in Hamburg, who is not a member of our church. As we got their the family wanted to play a game with us, and Elder Williams, being prepared, brought his Book of Mormon battles card game. It´s a card game where all of the cards are book of Mormon characters. It´s similar to the game War, but with a gospel twist. As we were playing, this awesome kid got so into it! At the end he was saying "Who are these people?? Where are they from??" Of course we told him they were from the Book of Mormon, and he then told us he wanted to read it!! We gave him one, and we took pictures with him and wrote our testimonies in the book. A great time... Except for the fact that they gave us WAY to much food! And as we were there, the Hubrich family called us and invited us over right after! Way to much food, but a great night.

This last week we´ve received several text messages from our zone telling us about miracles and baptismal dates in our zone. It was great to here that so many of our brothers and sisters are going to be entering into a covenant with our Heavenly Father, but these texts really made me think. All of these wonderful things were happening in our zone, in almost every other area, and I thought to myself "Hey, why not Freiberg?" So I said a prayer, and Elder Williams and I went out to work until we found a miracle, and we did! I was looking through the list of contacts that we have in our area book, and I decided to call a name I found. He didn´t answer the phone, but then he called back! I talked to him for a while, and he ended up telling me that he didn´t really have interest to learn from us, but his roommate did, and he set up an appointment for us. We came by for our appointment, and Y*****, the man we called, had made us a big dinner. Really tasty! After we ate, we were going to start teaching Y****´s roommate, D****. As we started, we did what Preach My Gospel says, and invited everyone there to stay for the lesson. At first Ya****was hesitant, but he agreed to stay. As we started teaching, he got more and more interested, and by the end we were all great friends. They´re scheduled to  be baptized on the 20 of June. Please pray for them!
Now today, we had a crazy adventure. We got permission to go to see the place where president Monson dedicated  East Germany for missionary work. What an amazing experience. I loved it so much, once we got there. The Hubrichs found out we were going and they offered to drive us out there. So we started off, and ran into trouble. Their GPS is really old, so we ended up getting lost, and it took 3 hours to find the place! So we got to the place where the walking path starts, and the driving path ends, but Elder Hubrich didn´t care! He drove right up the path! And then parked in the middle of  the forest on the side. SO FUNNY! But we had a great adventure together (This is why we´re writing so late today).

So... Transfers. Now, do you want to here a funny story? Two days before our calls I had a dream that I would be transferred to Leipzig, and serve with Elder Clark, one of the Elders we spent the night with when we went to Berlin. We got our calls on Saturday, and Elder Williams was transferred to Leipzig! And he´ll be serving with Elder Clark! Crazy. Sadly, We won´t be serving together anymore. We´ve become great friends here. My new companion is Elder Benitz, and he´s a GERMAN! He´s from Stuttgard, and just finished his training. Woo hoo! My German is going to get a lot better.
So can you also send me some Velcro stick things, and super glue? Thanks :)
Love you mom!
Elder Oliphant

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