Wednesday, June 17, 2015

So, what a week! we had some crazy stuff happen, and it went by way fast! And it all started with a harmless trip to Dresden. We got permission to go there for P-Day, and we went and did a little shopping! We went to primark (almost my favorite store now) and I got some new ties and a belt. Ties there are 1€ and their pretty good quality. I would´ve gotten some more stuff, like some nice white shirts for 5€ or a new pair of pants, but, like most stores in the world, it´s made for little people.

So, that was a great time and then came back to come do our emails. Well, right as we got to the church we got a call from one of our Zone leaders. He said 
"Hey elders! You wanted to come to Dresden today, right?"
"Yea, we just got back."
"What, you were here? Well come back! You need to stay for the next 3 days!"
 As you can probably assume, we weren´t amused.
This week there was a Leadership Training Meeting in Berlin, and the zone leaders and the district leader in Dresden had to go to it. leaving one lonely Elder without anyone else. So we were in a 3-some for a few days. We ended up going back and forth between Dresden and freiberg quite a few times this last week. 

The Elder we stayed with was Elder Hogan. He´s from Boston. Enough said. 

Wednesday morning we had District meeting, and that´s where Elder Hogan went back with his companion, and then right from there we went on exchanges. Elder Weber came back to Freiberg with me, and we had a great time together. As we were walking around in the City we found a restaraunt called "Das Kartoffelhaus" (The potato house) and, because Elder Weber didn´t get a chance to take me out for my birthday, we had a very nice candle lit dinner together with tap water that´s more expensive than gas, and kartoffel puffer. LECKER! :)

So Thursday was our last time in Dresden this week when we exchanged back. I don´t like going to Dresden that often. We have too much time in trains.

We did however have some great experiences this week. We found two new investigators, and they´re really nice. They´re college roommates, and they were actually street contacted by a member! How cool is that, we have members who walk around and invite people to come to church! They came to church last week, and we talked to them. They´re both students here, and they´re pretty interested. We´re excited for them.

We also have found a great guy from China. We talked to him on the street a few weeks ago, and he´s really interested in learning about God. Our first lesson with him was incredible. We were asking him questions like "What is God? How would you imagine him?" And he already knew everything! It really strengthened my testimony, and showed me that People who are humbly, actively searching for truth will find truth.

We had one more great event this week, a service project for a less active/part member family. They have a lot of land, and they call it a ranch, but, in reality, it´s a little small for that. But, be thankful that we took the time to go visit the Meyers´ right before I left, because we were chopping wood! (The Hubrichs should send you pictures). They also grilled for us and we just had a good time. It was a great opportunity for us to get to know this family better, and to serve them. 

Well, that´s all for this week. I hope you´re week is better. I love you mom!

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