Thursday, July 2, 2015

I'm beat!

Hey mom, I just want to apologize in advance, I'm really really tired.
We woke up this morning at 4:00, and caught a train to Berlin.
President wanted to talk to my companion, and man, I'm super glad that
he did, because I got to say goodbye one last time to president Kosak.
What a great guy. I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to work here
with him, he's great! After our meeting we had permission to go out
and see some sights in Berlin, and we did! We saw the Brandenburg
gate, the holocaust memorial, a couple other cool buildings, and the
Berliner Dom. Wow. So pretty. And, because we're clergy, we could go
in for free! It's a really pretty church, and there's a ton of
symbolism in everything, most of which points to the savior. It was a
great experience. We wanted to check out checkpoint Charlie, but we
didn't have time... Nächstes Mal!

So, that was that. This week. It was pretty good! Two weeks ago we
were looking at our work, and trying to find out what we could do
better. After a lot of prayer and discussion, Elder Benitz and I
decided that we needed to work on our finding, and we set a goal in
faith that we would find 12 new investigators before the end of the
month. This was a pretty big goal, considering that last month we
found 2, but we knew that when we worked hard, the lord would help us.
Since then we've found 7 investigators, and have 4 new potential
investigators that can become real investigators this week! We've bee
working super hard, and the lord has been blessing us. I just want to
tell you about one of these guys, his name is Sam. He's from Africa,
and when we met him on the street he was super excited to meet and
talk with us. We met him on Sunday, and he completely excepted
everything that we taught, and at the end of the lesson, he prayed and
said "Lord, thank you for the truth that we have learned today." We
are really excited to see where things go with him.

This week we also had our first sport evening, and we played
basketball. It was great. For the first time since the MTC, I got to
put on my basketball shoes. Oh it felt so good to finally play again!
We're going to be having this every week. This week, we had two
investigators there! And I hopefully this week we'll have even more!

Ok, well I'm going to try and sleep a little bit now. Please have a
wonderful time on your vacation, take lots of pictures, and say hi to
Riley for me Grinning face with smiling eyes


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  1. I am getting a little frustrated. I have written twice and both times it has not posted. Love reading your posts. Was happy that everyone is home again, it was funny to be the one at home with everyone else out of Utah. It was beastly hot here too, thank goodness it has rained the last 4 days. I will pray for your investigator, the Chinese were brainwashed about religion for so long it will be an adjustment for him, Are you in Freiberg or Dresden? Love you, Grandma