Tuesday, July 21, 2015

German is a lot different than gospel German

Hey mom, thanks for ordering the tie, I love you :) And thanks for giving the stuff to John, I´m glad he got that before he left. Did he like the Hawaii tie?

So, this week was... Something. We spent most of our time with one amazing member, brother Adolf. He helped us out with 3 joint teaches this week, and they were great. The first one was Tuesday with an older woman who we teach. She´s really nice, and she really likes me. Sometimes maybe a little too much... But anyway, we taught her the plan of salvation, and man, it was such an amazing lesson! We centered it on the family, and how we can go through this whole plan with our families, and she told us as we were talking that she felt something really special whenever we came, a calm peace in her heart. We were able to bear testimony that that was the holy ghost telling her that what we´re saying is true, and she got so excited! I hope we can continue to teach her. She´s really, REALLY old (like 85) and she´s in and out of the hospital a lot, but we love her. Then, right after we were finished with this appointment, we were driving back and I had the impression that we should go by on a woman that we´d met a few week earlier. She investigated the church for about 3 years, and then lost contact with the missionaries. We went by, and man, that was something totally different. She let us in, but she just wanted to fight us, and explain why we´re wrong. It was actually kind of funny, her biggest problem with the church right now is what goes on in the temple. She doesn´t understand why it has to be a secret, and why we couldn´t explain it. Then, brother Adolf asked her "What did you do for your work? How long did you do it? Ok, you worked in medicine for 20 years, you know a lot about it, right? Explain it all to me, so that I can understand it, and do it all in the next 15 minutes.... You can´t! It´s too complicated. In order for me to understand, I would have to study and gain experience. I´ve been going to the temple for over 40 years, and I still don´t understand everything, so how can you expect to understand it, even if we explained every detail to you?" This really helped me out. I don´t understand everything that goes on in the temple, and I don´t know if I ever will in this life, but I know that it´s from God, and I know that it´s true. I´m so glad for the opportunity I´ve had to come here to Freiberg. I´ve gained such an appreciation for the temple. It rocks!

To say thank you to brother Adolf, we helped him fix his internet... I want you to imagine this situation. The computer was probably older than me, it had an operating system that wasn´t super compatible, they still use DSL for their internet, the person you´re trying to help is really old and has no idea what any of this stuff is, and on top of all that, everything is in German. And, let me tell you, computer German is a lot different than gospel German. It took a little time, patience, and prayer, but we finally fixed it, and now he can email his nephews again. Hip hip, hooray!

Not a pedicure, but helping with an ingrown toenail

So... Elder Drazin. Yea, we get along really well :) he just reminds me so much of John, it´s crazy. And we were wearing sweaters because it was sweater weather, around 55 degrees that day. That was a fun exchange :)

Thank you for being yo awesome mom, you rock! I love you! Thanks for all that you do. I hope you have a great week! And please send me those socks!!! :)

Love you!

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