Monday, July 6, 2015

Hi Mom!

Hello Mom! 

Wow, I´m glad you had fun on your vacation, that sounds like the trip of a lifetime. I´m glad you got that opportunity, and I´m really glad that Riley is doing so much better :)

So... This week went by really fast, and it was HOT! WAY HOT! Man, I almost died like every day. Plus we don´t have air conditioning, so there is no escaping the heat. The only thing keeping us alive is the ice tray that the Hubrichs gave us. So nice :) I love them so much!

This week we had an exchange, and I stayed here with our new district leader, elder Hall. Did I tell you what happened with our district? Well, before it was just 4 elders, us and the elders in Meissen. Well, they closed down the branch in Meissen, combined it with the ward in Dresden, and then split the ward. So now there are two wards in Dresden, but because of this change, the Meissen program combined with one of the elders programs in Dresden. So now we´re in the Dresden district with Elder Hall, Elder Drazin, Elder Morales, Elder Randall, Sister Flake, Sister Kooyman, Sister Kady, and Sister Stephens. And also Elder and Sister Hubrich :) It´s a party :) But anyway, we went on exchange, and he is an amazing leader. I really feel like he´s there just to help us achieve our goals.

Speaking of goals, we set a goal to have a baptism this month. We´ve been working a lot with one of our investigators from China, and this week we gave him a baptismal commitment for the 25th of July! We´ve been really excited. He came to church and loved it. He said he was really trying to think about what he needs to do, and we got a text this morning saying that he´s made a conclusion, but he wants to tell us in person. We´re meeting tomorrow, and I am so nervous, it´s crazy! We´ve been praying non stop for him, and I really hope he´s gotten his answer. 

We also started using the bike more this week, and I ripped two pairs of pants! :/ It´s just way to hot, and the sweat does not work well with church pants and bikes. Fortunately sister Hubrich can sew pretty well.

One last thing about the week. GRILL PARTY!

We meet with a few of our new converts every week here, and this week they grilled for us! It was really good at first, but they had SO MUCH FOOD! And in Germany most of the meat that you can grill comes pre-marinated, and it´s the same sauce! SO it got old after a little bit. But it was really nice of them to do that for us :) I love them!

Well, this week we´re going to be meeting President Fingerle, we´re going to find out if our baptism will happen, we´re going on another exchange, and we´re going to still be biking in the heat.

Pray for us!

Love you, 

Elder Oliphant

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