Saturday, July 18, 2015

Great Week!

Hey mom!
So, this week was up and down, but overall great! So, remember my
letter last week? Well, we met with our investigator, and he had
discussed baptism with his wife, and she told him that he couldn't
meet with us any more until he finishes his studies ๐Ÿ˜•he's been in
Germany for 4 years, and they want to go back to China as soon as
possible, so... Yea. We were really upset for a while, but then we
decided that we did our part. We taught him, invited him, and gave him
the option to use his agency to choose, and that's what he did. But
it's ok. We still love him, and he is still our friend Smiling face (black and white)️

After this lesson we were able to meet with 2 great families in our
ward and we discussed the plan for Europe given by the area
presidency. It's a really great plan, with 3 goals:
1. Double the active membership of the church in Europe

2. Become temporally and spiritually self reliant

3. Discover the blessings of enabling the salvation of our ancestors.

I really love these goals, and the plans that the brethren gave us to
accomplish them, and it was really great to meet with these members
and help excite them about this work, the work of salvation.

Also, did I tell you we started an English class here? We started it
with the Hubrichs just to offer a service for some of the people here,
and also to help the church here get a little more exposure. So far
it's been great. We've had a lot of support from our ward, and we've
been able to help some people.

There were two other things from this week that I want to tell you
about, the first one was our zone conference in Leipzig. Once again,
my hate for that city has grown. I don't understand why, but every
time I've been in Leipzig there's been a problem with the
transportation. We either had a train fall out, or our first train was
late, which caused us to miss our connection, or something else. This
time, we drove there with the Hubrichs, and, of course, there was a
ton of road construction, an accident, and the GPS took us to the
wrong church... I don't like that city.

But despite all of the transportation difficulties, we still made it,
and we got to meet President Fingerle! He is awesome! I already love
him! His son was also there at this conference, and I was talking to
him for a while, and it was a little weird at first, because it seemed
like he already knew me a little bit. Guess how? He follows the blog!
Shout out to president Fingerle's son!

The conference was really good. It was all about the temple and family
history, and I felt pretty special because I'm serving in Freiberg
right now Grinning face with smiling eyesGrinning face with smiling eyes We had a great time together, and learned a lot. After
the conference we went on exchange, and I came back to Freiberg with
elder Drazin. Haha, he's a funny guy. He really reminds me of John. We
had a lot of fun together, and we got work done! We found a new
investigator together, and had a couple really good conversations with
the people here. I love that guy :)

Well, that's all from my end. I hope you have a great week!

Love you,

Elder Oliphant

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