Friday, March 18, 2016

Don't go hiking in dress pants!

Elder Greaves


 Another week come and gone, and it was a good one. We got a referral
in a city called Eisenach. I've been there before, and for those of
you who remember its where the Wartburg is, the castle we visited a
few months ago where Martin Luther translated the new testament. We
visited this man and he was really nice. We went on a walk through the
city, he told us all about the history of the city, showed us some
cool sites, like the Bachhaus, the house where Johann Sebastian Bach
was born, and we taught him the restoration. 

It was a great time, but
for part of our walk we walked up a few "mountains" (small Hills,
actually Winking face) and I totally ripped my pants! Right in the middle of a
lesson! Oh it was so embarrassing! And we couldn't go home and change
because Eisenach is an hour away from Erfurt, and we had other
appointments there, so we hurried and finished our appointment and ran
to the store to buy new pants. Haha, that was fun. You'd think I'd
have learned my lesson after that, right? Don't go hiking in dress

But then, at zone training meeting this week we had a focus on
desperation and consecration, and Elder Weber and Greaves wanted to
show us how becoming a consecrated missionary is like climbing a
mountain. So, in order to get the point across we all went and climbed
up a mountain in Jena (once again, just a small Hill, really. There
aren't any real mountains here). I wasn't super excited about that,
but this time my pants stayed together! Success!

 We also found four new investigators this week! The guy in Eisenach, a
super cool African, we started teaching the step daughter of a member
here, and at another lesson with Ella, her husband decided to accept
our invitation to meet with us as well, and we're having him too!
There are so many miracles happening right now, and we're expecting
even more! I'll tell you all about why we're expecting miracles next
week, but until then,
 LG Elder Oliphant

 The zone on the "mountain"

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