Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Just like a Roller Coaster

We have had a roller-coaster of a week here. It's Been going up and
down and back up and then down. But, just like a roller coaster it's
super exciting and I love it! A roller coaster really is a good...
Um... Vergleich? Comparison! With a mission. It started out with the
mtc, where we were constantly getting higher and higher on the spirit,
then we had a high exciting drop when we got off of the plane in
Germany, and now we're going through the corkscrews and loopdy-loops,
and I love it!

But, yes, this week.

We started off with a big low when we had to say
goodbye to our dear friend (more like a brother, really) Alexander.
Man, we've been working so much with this man, trying to prepare him
for baptism, and this week he got sent to Albania. We were such good
friends, it's really, really hard to say goodbye, but after a lot of
prayer I realized it's for the best. In Albania he'll be able to hear
the gospel in his own language, and he'll be able to make even more
progress. That was a pretty deep low this week, but it was
accompanied by an awesome high. We made contact with another member
who we thought was also sent back to Albania(because he hasn't been
too church for a while) but we found out that he's still here, and now
he has contact again with the church.

Then we had another low... Sort of. Our super awesome, amazing, spiritually gigantic friend Edwin was supposed to be baptized this week, but in our lesson two days before he told us that he didn't quite feel ready yet. He wants to really make sure that he's fully ready and pure in heart before he makes this covenant with our heavenly father, and we totally support that! It's just a little frustrating to do all of this work to prepare A baptism, and then have it fall out. But, it's OK, because this is the Lord's work, and everything happens in his time. 

But, right after the whole baptism
fell out, we had the feeling that we needed to go by on an
investigator that we found a few weeks ago, but haven't been able to
contact since then. We went by, and they were home! We had no plan
when we walked in, but we trusted that the spirit would help us know
what to say, and he did! He gave us inspired questions to ask, and
scripture references to back up our testimony. This woman told us that
she had a hard time believing that she was a child of God, so we
opened up to Romans 8 with her, and as she read the spirit filled the
room and she showed us that she had already marked the scriptures we
read, and the spirit helped her remember the testimony that he used to
have, that we all are children of God.

 Another fun experience this week, on Sunday the gospel principles
teacher came up to us at the beginning of the second hour at church
and told us that he needed to talk with the bishop for 5 minutes, and
he needed us to start up his class. Only for 5 minutes, no problem,
right? Well... Wrong. Apparently some other stuff came up that took
longer than 5 minutes, so elder Griffin and I ended up leading the
class... And, of course, the topic was chastity... 

The church is true! 

I know it, I live it, I love it!

 Have a great week!

Elder Greaves getting shoes from the double decker parking garage

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