Thursday, April 14, 2016

19 months!‏

Everyone in the back row is on a chair except Chase 

Hey y'all!

 Wow, yesterday I celebrated my 19 month mark! I can't believe how fast
the time has flown right by! I love it so much! The transfer also just
ended, and I've already had to say goodbye to elder Bakly. He's
currently on a train headed off to Freiberg, and then back home. And,
the best part is, I'll be staying in Erfurt! Woo hoo! And my new
companion will be Elder Powell. He's pretty young on the mission, but
I've already met him a few times, and I'm really excited to work with

 This week was pretty good. We've been working with a woman, Petra, who
moved here a few years ago from the Czech Republic, and she is so
excited for the gospel! We taught her this week about the gospel of
Jesus Christ, and when we gave our testimony of His Atonement and
resurrection she started crying. She wants to be baptized next month!
Let's hope all goes well there! 

 We also had a Zone training meeting in Jena, where we talked about the
work, and what we can do to get more baptisms. Elder Weber is getting
transferred, I'll miss that guy. Hopefully we'll have a little more
time together, but we're both just running out of time. It's so crazy
how the time flies by! That's why we use every minute, and don't waste
a single bit of it! 

The church is super true! I love Erfurt, I'm so
glad I'll get to stay for at least 7 more weeks(7 week transfer!)

 Wish me luck!

LG Elder Oliphant

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Elder Greaves

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