Monday, April 18, 2016

Welcome to Heaven!

Hey y'all!

Man, this last week has just been amazing! I have had so much fun,
it's ridiculous! A lot of it is due to Elder Powell, my new comp.
We've been together for less than a week, and we're already best
friends! He's so cool! We've been having a great time trying to get
him used to the area. On Thursday we went on the double E (The Erfurt
Experience) where I showed him around the whole city and it was
beautiful. He's just coming from Chemnitz, which is known to be a
ghetto, not so pretty city. And then coming here he said "It's like
I'm in heaven on earth!" I've always known that Erfurt is pretty, but
Elder Powell's reaction to the city reminded me once again of how
beautiful Erfurt really is, and it also helped me to appreciate the
area even more. It's so interesting how we can start to take such
amazing things for granted. The same applies for the Gospel as well.
Do we take the sacrament for granted? Or the Holy Scriptures? Or the
atonement? I hope not! All of these things and more are amazing,
beautiful gifts for us, and we can always learn more and more from
them, and we can always become better. There is no limit to how much
we can improve through Jesus Christ and his gospel! So don't take it
for granted!

Morning Sport

Supposedly they "made" a cheesecake

Scholl Friedenstein in Gotha

The work is going well, we started a German class this week for
refugees who need help learning the language. We only had a few people
show up, but it was really good, and we're expecting more next time!
Teaching German is really fun, and it's way easier than teaching
English. Mostly because I actually know what the rules are in German,
and I know how to learn it. Also my English is getting pretty bad...

We also had a big ward activity this week, a Kirschbl├╝tenfest (Cherry
blossom fest) there was music, games, and a dance! That was weird,
haha, really weird. But it was way fun.

Well, that's it for me. Have a great week!

P.S. There was a big sale on peanut butter. We got 10 jars

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