Friday, May 20, 2016

Mother's Day, Oh I loved it!

Hey guys!

So I really have no desire to write an email right now, so we'll see
how this goes.

This week was pretty good. We had a good amount of lessons, which is
always the best. I love teaching people about the gospel, it's the
greatest! We also got to call home for Mother's Day, which was
amazing. Oh I loved it.

The best part though of this last week was that we have found a new
family to teach! The father, mother, and two daughters were baptized
many years ago, but they have not been coming to church for several,
several years. We've tried to make contact with them before, but it
has never worked out. Then, two weeks ago the mother passed away. It
has been really hard on the entire family, which has now grown with
several grandchildren, and they are starting to open up to the gospel
again! Sometimes we might ask ourselves why certain things in our
lives have to happen, like death, sickness, or war. We may not know
why, but God knows, and he has a purpose in everything. This event has
opened up an entire family to hearing the gospel, and through it they
are being blessed. It's just like Alma says in the Book of Mormon,
"And now, because ye are compelled to be humble blessed are ye"(Alma
32:13). When we are humble before the Lord, and willing to except his
counsel and guidance, then we are blessed. It's good when this
humility comes through trial, but better when we decide ourselves to
be humble. Alma also says "do ye not suppose that they are more
blessed who truly humble themselves because of the word?
 Yea, he that truly humbleth himself, and repenteth of his sins, and
endureth to the end, the same shall be blessed--yea, much more blessed
than they who are compelled to be humble because of their exceeding
[trials]. Therefore, blessed are they who humble themselves without
being compelled to be humble"(Alma 32:14-16). The blessings of being
humble before we are forced to be humble are far greater.

Now, because it was Mother's Day yesterday, I thought I'd write a
little something about my mom.

Mom, I love you! I really, really love you! You brought me into this
world, and showed me how to live my life. You were patient with me,
and because of you I am here, involved in the greatest work the world
has ever known! I'm so grateful for the testimony that you have. There
have been days here in the mission field where I've just wanted to
give up and go home, and every time a thought like that has come into
my mind, the next thought that has come has been the stripling
warriors, and how they did not give up, because their mothers knew it.
I'm so glad that my mother also knows it, and that I can always hold
onto her love and her testimony when I have no where else to go.

I love you! Have a great week!

LG Elder Oliphant

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