Monday, March 16, 2015

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Hey mom, sorry, I don´t have a lot of pictures this week. I´ll start taking more for these last few weeks. PROMISE! 

 So, first, a little story :) When I first got here I met an investigator, her name is K****. She´s been an investigator for the past 3 years. When I first met her I really, really wanted to help her, so I got on my knees and I prayed for her. After a while I felt a really strong feeling that I was here for her. I taught her, and we had some good spiritual times, but we didn´t make a whole lot of progress. This last week we had a lesson with her and she told us that she wants to be baptized! The only problem now is that she´s moving in a few weeks to Bielefeld, where she won´t have to work on sundays and she can be a good, active member. This experience just built my testimony that the Lord is truly sending us here for a reason, and that when we submit to his will, we help people! Man, I love this girl, she´s great. I´ll be sure to get a picture with her before I go.
So, this week was Elder Timmerman´s birthday. YAY! We went over to the kopischke´s for a lunch after church, and man, they wen´t crazy! They made us schnitzel. I had never had schnitzel before. It´s really good :) He also got a bunch of candy, a cake, and yea. I think he had a pretty good birthday. We also had, are you ready? 4 eating appointments this last week! And this next week we have four more! We seriously don´t need to buy food this week. I´m loving it :) Also, I want to give some of the investigators here some american snicker bars, to show them the difference. Can you send me some? I´ll be able to get the on the 1st of april if you send them soon, but if not that´s alright. We have a giant mission conference on the 24th of April in Berlin, so I can get them there. It looks like I have an opportunity to get packages and stuff every month, so if you want to send stuff don´t worry about when I´ll get it, because it´ll come :)
I love you mom, thanks for your support and your prayers. Have a good week!
Elder Oliphant

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