Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas is Here!!

Hey y'all!

Christmas is Here! Woo hoo! Man, December has just flown right by, but
that's honestly just how it goes on the mission sometimes. It really
feels like I'm still a new trainee. Crazy!!

So, this week was... Interesting. Haha, most of our investigators have
Tschüssed us for the week (said goodbye) because they're all going
away to visit their families for Christmas, or they're finishing up
with finals, or they have other excuses for why they can't meet, but
that's ok, because we still love them, and even the busiest people
have time for a quick text every day :) we've started sending out a
"scripture a day" to members, investigators, and other friends.
Hopefully that will help some of them to focus on Christ and the
wonderful message that the scriptures tell us about him during

Speaking of Christmas, we're going to be Skyping on the 25th, at
6:00pm our time, so that's 10:00 for you :) we'll be spending
Christmas with the bishop, and also the Kirchers, we're really
excited, and I'm really happy that I'll get to see you all again! This
will be our third call, only one more left after that!

Today we're going to Eisenach for our p-day, which is 50 km away, and
somehow is still in our area, but Eisenach is a really cool city, it's
the home of Wartburg, the Castle that Martin Luther was hiding in for
a while, and where he translated the New Testament. I'm so grateful
that I can serve in a place where there is so much religious history!
It's really helped me understand more about religion, and the
apostasy, and why Germany is how it is. I love the people, and the
culture, and here you can't understand the culture and history without
understanding the religious culture and history. It's fun :)

Well, have a great week! We'll see you on Friday! :) :)

LG Elder Oliphant

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