Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving... Chili and Burgers?

Hey y'all! 
Well, first of all, happy thanksgiving! I hope you all had a great
week and were able to think about what your are all grateful for in
your life :) I'm very grateful that I can be here on my mission, that
I have so many supportive friends and family members here and back
home, and I'm especially thankful for my sweet mother who is just the
best mom ever! I love you!! :)

Once again, we were super busy this week. We had a zone conference,
which means we had to drive to Berlin again! That's three trips to
Berlin this month! It's crazy, how many different meetings we've had.
They take up a lot of our time, but they are always wonderful,
spiritual experiences. This time we talked about the new Christmas
initiative, "a Savior is born" and we watched the new videos for it.
If you haven't seen it yet, then repent, and go look it up! Haha :)
but really though, it invited the spirit so strongly, just by sharing
a simple message about Jesus Christ. Wonderful :)

After this we did an exchange, and I got to go to Jena with elder
weber. Jena is a giant international university city. There are 60,000
students there from all over the world! No joke!! It is totally a
party! I was really excited for this, because the senior couple there,
the Ybarra's, were making a thanksgiving dinner for institute that
night, and it looked really good! But, elder Anderson, elder Weber's
companion wanted to be back for that, so we let him enjoy that, and
instead we had a nice thanksgiving chili with a wonderful family in

I'd also like to tell you about an experience this week that we had
with Edwin, our awesome friend with a baptismal date. On Friday we had
an eating appointment with an amazing family in out ward, where they
cooked us up real American hamburgers(well, close enough Winking face) and they
also invited Edwin, and another one of our friends! We had such a
great night, and we were able to help our friends feel the love and
joy that comes from living the gospel. So great :) 

I am so grateful that I can service here in Erfurt, there are so many
wonderful things happening, and we are right in the middle of the
Lord's work! There can be no greater accomplishment or calling!

I hope you have a great week, we'll here us next week!

LG Elder Oliphant

(Editor's note: I asked Chase what he wanted for Christmas and/or missed.  I was expecting something like Root Beer or Mac & Cheese.  This is the list he gave me)

10. Being called Chase
 9. Movies
 8. TV 
7. Hanging out
 6. Driving
 5. Partying hard 
4. Music 
3. Girls 
2. Family 
1. Star Wars


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