Monday, November 23, 2015

I Dreamed a Dream!

Elders in Black

Hey y'all!

Well... I have dreamed a dream! But, I wasn't that special. More
important is that one of our investigators also dreamed a dream! He
recently moved here from Spain, and we've been teaching him with the
Spanish speaking sisters in Berlin, through Skype! His name is Edwin,
and right before I got to Erfurt he just walked into the church on
Sunday and wanted to have a better relationship with God. We've been
teaching him for a while, and this last week we invited him to pray
about being baptized. Well, he did, and that night he had a dream
where he saw himself going into a pool of water, and going all the way
under. Then he got out and went into a big white tower. God totally
answers prayers!! We just need to have faith and a desire!! Edwin is
going to visit his family for Christmas, and then when he comes back,
in January, he's going to get baptized!

So yea! Other than that, We've been super, super busy this week! We've
had to run to and from several appointments because we don't use the
car in the city, and if we waited for the train we would've been late!
Haha, it keeps us in shape! We're teaching lessons every day, and
we've had a few service projects too! I Love Erfurt, the only Problem
though is that everything is super spread out! We have less actives
and investigators that live in the middle of no where, 50 km away!
It's really hard for us to teach some of them, and it's hard for them
to progress because they can't come to church. We met with another man
who lives in a tiny little village called oberhof, 40 km south of
Erfurt. He really wants to come to church and be baptized, but he
can't find a way to get to Erfurt right now :( it's really sad, but we
know that everything will work out! God wants all of his children to
have the blessings that come from baptism, ALL OF THEM! It doesn't
matter where they live!

But, judging by how fast the work is going here, we're going to be
opening up some new wards here. The other elders on our ward just got
a media referral from a woman and she's going to be baptized in a few
week! Jawohl!!

This next week we're going to Berlin, again, for a zone conference and
we're all really excited about that. Also, the Christmas market opens
up this week, so I'm about to have no more money... Woohoo

I love you, have a great week!

LG Elder Oliphant

All American Elder

Exchange is Life

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