Monday, November 9, 2015

Erfurt, Leipzig, Berlin, Jena, and GROITZSCH‏

Someone gave flowers to the Missionaries to give to girls.  Needless to say they went unused

Hey y'all!

So, sorry about last week, I don't know why, but the letter got
deleted and didn't send... Schade :/ but, it's ok. I'll fill you in :)
I came into Erfurt, which is awesome, and we went right on an exchange
with the zone leaders and I had to give a baptismal interview to one
of their investigators. We were on exchange from Wednesday to Friday,
and I got to meet a great guy, Gustav! He's a student, and is super
cool! I was able to have a great conversation with him about faith and
what baptism means, and he loved it! He was very ready for baptism.
Now, because they don't actually have a church building in Jena, the
city he lives in, they wanted to come do the service in Erfurt. No
problem, we just had to find a key to the maintenance room in the
church so we could turn the water on... Well, long story short we
couldn't find a key, so my new companion and I ended up filling the
baptismal font by hand with buckets and water from the bathroom
sinks... YOLO! It was crazy, but in the end we had a great service for
Gustav, and he was baptized!

Now, for this week, we also had a crazy time, and I was actually gone
most of the week. We had leadership training in on Friday, and we had
to stay the night in Leipzig Thursday, then we after the great meeting
on Friday we didn't have enough time to drive back to Erfurt, so we
spent the night again in Jena, then Saturday/Sunday we had stake
conference back in Leipzig! So, haha, I haven't been in my area for a
while. But, I learned a lot of great stuff at stake conference and at
leadership training. It's funny, Elder Griffen and I looked at our
planners for the first two weeks of our companionship, and we realized
that we've really only had four complete work days together... What??

We still got work done though! This week we found two new
investigators his week. Haha, one of them called us, because somehow
he new we were American and he thought that we could help him
immigrate to America! Haha, we politely explained that we couldn't do
that, and then we explained a little about what we do as missionaries,
and he was actually really interested! We got to explain to him about
the Book of Mormon and then We gave him one. The other person was
actually really funny. We were texting an investigator, asking if we
could make out an appointment, and we accidentally sent it to the
wrong number! But, the woman who answered our text said "absolutely!
I'd love to have you over!" We went over, she had made dinner for us,
we had a member there, and it was just an amazing lesson. We taught
about conversion and what we need to do in my order to receive answers
from God to our questions.

Well, yea. We're also teaching a super cool family from Albania! Half
of the family has already been baptized, and we're working on the rest
of them! They're super close too, and I love them so much!

Man, I love the gospel, and my mission, the church is so true! :) ah! Haha :)

Erfurt is a wonderful place. The ward here is so nice, and so
supportive, I really just feel right at home :) this is really where I'm 
supposed to be!

I Hope you have a great week!

LG Elder Oliphant

Singing in the Choir

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