Tuesday, January 5, 2016

All the Lights!!

Hey y'all! 

 Man, what a week!! The end of the year here is always a little crazy!
Just like it's been, all of our investigators were still on their
vacations and what not, so we didn't have a lot of opportunity to
teach, but we didn't let that stop us from getting work done, and had

 On New Year's Eve we had to be home by 6:00 PM, which is kind of sad,
but it makes a lot of sense because it's a straight up war zone out
there. People were setting off a types of fireworks from around 4:30
when it started getting dark to well past midnight... Let's just say I
didn't sleep very well that night. At midnight the explosions got even
louder, and that's when we all got up and watched, and my goodness,
that was quite the sight to see. It was incredible, absolutely
incredible! I had never seen more fireworks in my entire life!

 Then on
New Year's Day we hopped in the car and drove to Leipzig, where we did
a New Years fun-run! It was great, and we did it with the Leipzig
north and Dresden zones, so all together there were around 60
missionaries there! It was a great time, and it was probably the best
use of our time for that holiday. 

 We also saw a little miracle this week. As you all know, there is a
very hard situation in the Middle East right now which is causing a
lot of people to come as refugees to Europe, and pat I heard Germany
has taken more in than any other country. In order to support all of
these refugees coming in, the German government has had to deport
several other financial refugees that come from different countries
where it's still safe to live (countries life Serbia, Albania, etc).
We have a family of recent converts in our ward who were in this
situation, and they found out they would have to be deported, unless
they were able to find full time jobs. They looked, and looked, but
they couldn't find anything. So, they put their trust in God, and
started praying, just pleading for him to help them stay. Well, this
week their prayers were answered, and they found full time jobs! 

is truly power in prayer! God is there, and he wants to help us! 

 I love you all, and I hope you have a great week!

 LG Elder Oliphant

our car got tagged :(

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