Friday, January 29, 2016

Elder Soup Cube (Elder Bullion)


Hey y'all!

 We had a great week! But, every week is a great week on a mission :)
Man, I love this city, and ward, and mission! It's the greatest!

We said goodbye to elder Day this week, as we put him on a train and
sent him off to the temple. Then we got to say hello to Elder Soup
cube! Haha, his name is elder Bullion, like the broth cubes. It's so
funny, everyone here has been making jokes about his name. But, I
think Germans just do that with every name haha, I hear stuff about
Oliphant all the time, and I love it! I love my name! But, we've been
getting to know him and he's really funny. He was also elder Griffin's
MTC companion, so that's fun. 

 We also had an amazing opportunity this week to learn from the leaders
of the church in the missionary department. We had a worldwide
missionary training broadcast where we learned from elder Bednar,
elder Anderson, elder Oaks, and other members of the missionary
department. They gave us a great reminder on repentance, and how we
are called to teach repentance. These leaders didn't tell anything
new. They told us exactly what we've heard multiple times, but the
Spirit was so strong when they spoke, and their words rang into my
heart, and I learned a lot from what they said, but more from what the
spirit told me. I learned way more from the spirit than from what was
said, and that's how it always is. It says in the doctrine and
covenants that there is one teacher, and that's the spirit. He's the
one that will teach us what we need to know, and he is the one that
will also tell these German people that our message is true. And it is
true! The church is true and I love it! 

 We did a lot of work this week with some of our less active members,
and one of them came to church this week! Woohoo! I love working with
less active member, I can just feel so much love for them.

 Everything's also going well with Edwin, he still wants to be baptized
in less than 3 weeks now! Woohoo! The church is so true! I know it, I
live it, I love it! 

 Have a great week! 

 So cold!!! Grateful that we have a car!

LG Elder Oliphant

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