Monday, November 17, 2014

 Hello Mom :) will you send me that picture from our zone training meeting? I want it :) That was in Oldenburg. We go there at least once a week for our district meeting. It´s about a 45 minute train ride. Actually, we´re going there today for a turkey bowl! Ya gotta love America :) 

So questions time. We go to the church to send emails, so it´s really easy and FREE :) 
It´s really cold here, always, and our heaters work, but not very well. Plus they´re expensive. So i´m usually cold, but that´s what a big winter coat is for :) 

We have a washer, no dryer (There are no dryers in Germany, and I can´t understand why, because it´s so humid here our clothes take 4 days to dry on the rack), no dishwasher, I sleep on top, and no i do not fit. All of the beds are 2 meters, and I am more than two meters. Also, that´s the height of all the doors in Germany, so I hit my head almost every day. It´s not fun, but hey, nothings perfect right? :)
SO the chocolate. It´s really, really cheap here, and the store we go to was having a sale! 50 cents a bar! so naturally, we bought 26. Awesome :) 
This last week we had a lot happen. We went to the castle on Monday, so pretty! it´s like a fairy tale, and we pass it almost every day. It´s so cool and I´m so lucky to live here. Leer is great! 

This week 2 members fed us! One of them had us over for dinner, which was great, and the other one straight up took us to McDonald's. I was way excited, just because it´s McDonald! We walked in, and I was shocked. All of the food was so expensive! A McChicken, exactly the same as at home ( but not spicy) is 6€. Yea, we won´t be eating there too often. I´d rather just go get a döner, and we did! Well, I did. I was with Elder Wilde, our district leader,  on an exchange in Wihlhelmshaven, and when he found out I hadn´t had a döner yet he took me to get one. He is so nice. Honestly one of the nicest people I´ve ever met. We had a great day together. And what they have in SLC is not a döner. Look, just look

I´ll send some more pictures next week. 
It was so good, the best thing I´ve had in months. And, its only 3€ way cheaper than McDonald's!
I´m loving this place, and my mission. I hope all is well at home, and that you are all safe and blessed. I pray for you every day.
With love,
Elder Oliphant

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