Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

Hey mom!!
That is so cool that Brock got his call. Now he can speak Spanish with all of his brothers! Tell his to write me! I want to congratulate that little stinker!
So this week was interesting. Our main focus was getting people to come to church with us. So we went and we invited everyone we could think of. All our investigators, our other contacts, and just some people we met on the street. We did this because on Sunday after Church one of the primary children in our ward was baptized. Yay! And afterwards we had a gemeinde essen. YAY! (it´s a little ward party with food). But the best part was the food was tacos! HIP HIP HOORAY!!! And they were really good. The people had to go to the Netherlands to get all of the stuff to make them, because you can´t get anything like that here. I love tacos :)
Sadly though, no one we invited came to partake of the fabulous spiritual (and tasty) church service we had. Such a shame.

In the pictures you´ll see a plate with two little sandwiches and some bread with nutella. That is a pretty standard lunch for us. The bread is called brötchen, and its really good and super cheap, so we buy a lot of it :) Unfortunately, I also burned my hand on the oven when I was making this fabulous lunch, as you can see. Honestly the pictures don´t do it justice. It looks a lot worse in person. But it didn´t hurt, so all is well :)

I am really excited for next week. There is a family from Idaho in our branch named the B*****´s. They are such a nice family, I love them. They moved to Germany for his work (He´s an engineer) but they go back to America all the time. Whenever they go to america they bring a ton of american stuff back with them. That´s where we got the Hot tamales from.

Well this week they´re going again! And they said they were going to bring us back stuff from america! I´m so excited to see what they bring :) Such a nice family.
I´m still loving Germany, loving the people, and loving the food. Can´t wait to hear more from you.
With love
Elder Oliphant

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