Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Well mom, I made it. I´m here in Germany!! Oh my goodness, so to answer your questions yes, I knew how to use the pay phone, I can´t tell you about the lightsaber, it´s a secret, I tried to sleep on the flight, but I couldn´t really. The flight was SOOO LONG! I still have jet lag, but it´s starting to go away. I gave president Kosak the Taco seasoning, and he was grateful, but how did you know he likes tacos?? Yes I am in Leer :) I plan to visit the castle today. My district includes myself and Elder Smith, Elders Wilde(district leader) and Williams, Elders Youngblood and Rasband(Zone Leaders) and then we have two senior couples the Porters and the Bensons. Everyone in our district is super nice. I love them all. 
So the Leer area is one of the biggest in the mission, about twice as big as the other two areas in our district, and it´s just us two Elders, and we walk almost everywhere. We have bikes which we use on occasion, but they´re really old and broken. Not very nice. I love this area. The people here are actually really nice for the most part, and I love our branch. All of the members are super nice, and most of them speak English very well. It´s fun, I practice my German with them, and they practice their English with me! All in all I love Germany. It´s funny though. I wanted to serve in Berlin, so naturally I was sent as far away as possible... Cool.
I´m just kidding. I love this area. It´s cold, but I love it :)
What I did instead of sleeping

Everything fits!

The stuff that didn't fit 

See you later Elder G

Dinner table

View from apartment

Home Gym

I like the pillow on the floor for praying

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