Monday, November 10, 2014

November 8, 2014

Ok, to quickly answer your questions. The food is good. We cook it all for ourselves, we rarely ever eat out because it´s too expensive. We eat at a  members house every sunday, and it´s SOOO GOOD! Yestersday she wanted us to have a little taste of home so she made mac and cheese, and she put bacon and ham and vegetables in it and it was delicious! I can´t wait to have more :) Also, please send recipes for potatoes, we have a lot because they´re cheaper than dirt here.
We take 1-2 trains every week, usually to Oldenburg for our district meeting, but occasionally to another city in our area. Also, all the trains here are so nice. The worst trains are nicer than the Frontrunner. Yea. oh and we got our bikes fixed so we use them more now :)
My companion is great. He´s a pretty funny guy.  Like this last week he needed a hair cut, so he cut his own hair, because hair cuts are super expensive (Like 20€)
And he made so many mistakes now it´s grown out a little so it looks ok, but I don´t know what he was thinking. I don´t know what I´m gonna do with that.

My apartment is pretty small and it has standard german doors which are 2 meters tall. Guess how tall I am in meters? More than 2. I hit my head almost every day. IT`S NOT FUN!
For morning sport we usually go running. We do a lot of physical activities. We run about a mile every morning, and then we bike a ton every day and walk. We get a lot of exercise in.
Money... what do you want to know? we have enough to buy food, and yea.
Look at the pictures to see if I´m getting enough chocolate ;)

Also, I have a story. So we´re teaching this guy and he has a problem with prayer. He doesn´t understand why he can´t just recite a psalm, and why it should be personal. So we shared with him in matthew chapter 6, where the Savior says don´t use vain repititions. Unfortunately, in the German translation, it says "do not babble"
It´s kind of funny to look back on, but yea, not fun.

Honestly, I´m really not that homesick. I´m out here doing the Lords work and I´m loving (almost) Every minute of it. 
Hope everything is well, keep us in your prayers
Elder Oliphant

Sister Kooyman from the MTC

Sweater + Dress Shirt=

Elder Smith deep in thought

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