Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

The District

Ohhh mom, you´re KILLING ME! You bought an x box now? :( Man, oh well. It´s ok because I´m here and I love it! This week was so interesting! We took a different approach to our finding. Instead of knocking on doors and asking if we could share a message that will help them, we´ve started asking people if we can serve them. Most of the people we talk to are very proud and are thankful for the offer, but respectfully decline. Even when this happens, it´s still a little success, because now their vision of Mormon missionaries is nice young men who just wanted to help them out, so even if we can´t teach them it gives them a good thought for the next set of missionaries who come around. 
While it´s great when these people say no thanks, it´s awesome when they say yes, and that´s what happened this week! We were on our way to an appointment, and we saw a woman sweeping her driveway. We stopped and asked her if we could help. At first she was all weird about it, and thought we were just trying to get money out of her, but then when she realized we were just trying to help her out she really opened up to us, and she let us come back and help her rake her leaves! We´re also planning to go back this week and clean out her gutters, and then we´re starting an English class for her, because she want´s to learn English! Man, I´m loving these Ammon Experiences :) 
Elder Mitchell finished his mission and went home??? OHHH NO! :( I love elder Mitchell:(( That makes me so sad :( He was on my team in the turkey bowl, and we had so much fun with that. He took the ball, and I just ran in front on him and cleared his way ;) man, I´m gonna miss him
This last week we decided to buy calendars, because.. We needed calendars. We went to the store and I bought a sweet car calendar! Oh it´s so awesome. I´m very happy with it. Elder Smith bought a calendar with... Horses. yea, horses. he´s a pretty interesting guy, but I love him... 
Deutsch ist nicht sehr schwer. Ich bin in Deutschland für nur ein monat gewesen, und ich kann vieles verstehen, und auch vieles sprechen. Ich mag es wann ich ein brief von bishoff bekommen, und es ist auf Deutsch. Ich liebe diese sprache. Ich willte miene zeugnis in kirche geben, aber unser zweig präsident hat mir geblockt... traurig.. aber alles gut! Ich liebe deutschland, und die loite hier. 
Ich bete für euch jeden tag, und ich hoffe das alles gut nach hause.
Elder Oliphant
P.S. I could totally be an engineer. My favorite pen broke, so I fixed it with a sewing kit. Dad, you were right. Those are handy!

Ok Explanation of pictures.

That is what my hair always looks like after I take my helmet/ hat off. That´s actually not as bad as normal.

That´s the christmas tree our members set up in the church

That´s two bottle of Ibuprofen the Bateman family brought for me back from their trip to America.

Elder Smith pondering in our train. That´s where
 we do most of our serious thinking

My awesomely fixed pen!

My sweet calendar (That´s a Saab!)

His... horses

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  1. Alles gute (I can read your German, mostly) cannot spell yet!! Love you, know you are in the right place doing the right things. Merry Christmas. Grandma