Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Hallo meine familie! 

Oh it was so good to Skype with you, I loved seeing you! Also I got to see Elder Smith´s family. It was great to see you, but man. His sister is CUTE! ;) Also his family told me they read my blog, and they said i do a great job writing home. Just saying ;) Man, I don´t even know what to write you about, because we just talked yesterday. Well I can tell you about the weihnachts pyramids. Yes they are very, VERY expensive, but they´re cool, and I bought one O_O. But mine is very small, and it was only like 10€. Not too bad. They don´t have a lot of the really big ones here, those (and all the other cool German Traditions) are mostly in the south, near Leipzig and Munich. And I am literally as far away as you can get from there and still be in Germany. Sweet :)

But we still had a ton of fun this Christmas. Our ward is super fun, and. Yea :)

Now I can also tell you about some of our investigators! This last week we found a new investigator named N****. He´s from Syria, and he speaks Arabic and a little English. It´s really hard to teach him, because of a really big language barrier, but it doesn´t matter, because we aren´t the real teachers here. When we teach him it is 100 percent the spirit. He is such a cool guy. We´re actually going to teach him again tomorrow. We also have another investigator named K***** (maybe I´ve told you about her before, I don´t remember) and she´s been an investigator for 3 years. Yea, a LONG time. We had a lesson with her this last week, and it was the first time I actually led a lesson in German. Normally Elder Smith would lead and I would try to get in a word. This lesson however, I was forced to lead, because Elder Smith wasn´t there. We had an exchange that day, and I was teaching with Elder Perez, our district leader. It started off really shaky, but as we got into it the spirit came in and took over, and we taught a really good lesson, and we´re planning to commit her to baptism this coming week! Wish us luck!

This was at the MTC

Plate Lady

Ok, I guess I do have a good amount to write about. There´s so much missionary work going on here. We see miracles every day.
I love you,
Elder Oliphant
P.S. Here on my mission, the first thing I gained is a testimony on the blessings that come from OBEDIENCE

PPS. I need names of your and dads parents, their siblings, and grandparents and their siblings, if possible. We have a "meine familie" packet that we need to fill out, and I need names, birth/ death dates, marriage/divorce dates, pictures and stories for my parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. I´d look it up myself on familysearch but we have to do it during our email time, and I´d rather email my parents :) 
Also Elder smith said he has a blog. have you found it?  

 (Editor's note: if you know Elder Smith's Blog address would you please leave it in the comments?  I have looked and looked and cannot find it.  I may or may not have more pictures of Elder Smith to share ; ) )

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  1. Loved talking to you. Also love that I can read your German and do not have to go to Google to interpret it. Keep up the good work. I am going to put money into your account every month for a haircut. Just let me know how much it needs to be. Love you, you are doing a great work, Grandma Hess