Monday, December 15, 2014

Good Week!

Oh what a week! We worked so hard this week, we are kaput! We had our Zone conference though, that was so much fun! We had to go to Hannover, though, and that was cool, because I´d never been there, but to get there on time we had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning. 4:30!! And then our train took forever, and we got lost in Hannover. The train system there is crazy good, way better than Salt Lake, but it´s also really confusing if you´re not from Germany. So we got lost and finally made it to the conference, and we were the last ones there. The conference was great. We learned a lot about "The gift" and how we can use that, and about other stuff that we can do to make the mission better, and us better missionaries. The best part though, was in the middle president Kosak pulled out a horn he got from Israel that´s made from a rams horn. He then looked at me and said "You´re a trombone player, right?" So I went up, took the horn, and played it. Afterwards he said I was the first person he´d ever see play it! I knew that trombone was good for something ;)
The conference was great, and sorry... I forgot to bring my camera :( next time!
This week we also got our water heater fixed (Finally!) Now we can take nice hot showers again :)

 Hair cuts here are really expensive, like 20€, so we cut our own hair. I needed a haircut, so I cut it, and It looks awful.. Sorry
Hair Before

Hair After
We had a little miracle this week, we got a referral! I know it doesn´t sound like much, but this is the first one I´ve received here, so that´s kind of a big deal, right? We got it while we were doing doors, a lady referred us to her neighbor. Man, that street. So many weird people live on that street. We knocked on one door and a man answered. We explained who we were and he said to us "nein, ich bin nicht ein Deutsche Frau" and slammed the door... We got a good laugh out of that one, mostly because he was telling the truth, he wasn´t a German woman. We also met a woman that had over 100 plates sitting on her lawn, and who said the only thing she knew about Mormons is that the women can´t have short hair, and she wasn´t going to grow out her hair! There are some interesting beliefs about the church out here..
(Editor's note.  Since Chase said the only thing he missed was his car I took pictures of his car with friends, family and the cat and made him a calendar)
Johhny G

That calendar is awesome!!! Thank you SO MUCH! I love it. How did you do that? Oh I don´t care, it´s awesome! And don´t worry, I won´t open up the other package until Christmas. Speaking of which, yes we will be able to skype for 30 minutes! We´ll probably do it with the Finke family ( the ones with the throwing axe) Just because he´s really the only person who knows how to do it. When we skype it will be around 8:00 AM Utah time christmas morning. Please send me the skype address so I can give it to brother Finke and we can get that all set up. Man, I love the Finkes, mostly becasue they all speak English, but yea :) I´m super excited for Christmas, it´s going to be great!
Love you,
Elder Oliphant 

Downtown in Leer. It´s called a weinnachtsmart

Homemade Doner

REAL Rootbeer!!

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