Saturday, July 16, 2016

It's time to start walking again! Jawohl! Endlich kommt sie raus!

Hey hey hey hey!

 I'm excited, super excited! Do you want to know why?
It's because 6 weeks have gone by since I broke my ankle, which means
it's time to start walking again! Jawohl! I have an appointment with
the doctor on Monday, where they're going to the pin out of my leg,
and then I'll be able to start walking again! These past few weeks
have been really hard, but I've come to realize that the more trials
we have, the more we come to appreciate all of the small, little
blessings that we have in our lives. For example, the blessing it is
to have a healthy, working body, with two healthy, strong legs haha,
I've really come to see the blessing there.

But on a serious note, the Lord truly has blessed me in so many ways
during these past few weeks. He has been by my side, sent his angels
to comfort and support me, and has blessed me with the opportunity to
meet wonderful people, like our friend Sebastian, who will be getting
baptized on the 24th of July! Woohoo! He is such a stud, I love him so

This week things finally calmed down a bit, and we were able to do
some good work in the office. Nothing super exciting, but we've stayed
pretty busy. I'm starting to like being in the office, at first I was
super worried that I wouldn't be able to do as much good here as I
could out in the field, but I've realized that the work we do in the
office has the same purpose, "to invite others to come unto Christ, by
helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ
and his atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy
Ghost, and enduring to the end."

In my personal study I've been trying to learn more about diligence in
the Lords work. Diligence is a very important part of missionary work,
it's one of the legs that the Lords work stands on, and when we aren't
diligent in our work, nothing gets done. I think that almost everyone
who goes on a mission wants to be a good, hard working missionary. No
one comes on a mission to just sit around and be lazy, we come here to
bring others to Christ. But often times this drive starts to diminish.
We start to justify sleeping in a few extra minutes, or not going out
to work on time. Satan comes in and tries to convince us that being
diligent isn't important, and sometimes we believe his lies and give
in to that natural man. This isn't ok, those lies are still lies! It
is important to the Lord that we work hard, and that we continue to
strive to do all that we can to serve him and to be diligent workers.
If we look in the scriptures, we notice that nothing comes easy from
the Lord. All of the prophets didn't receive the testimonies they had,
or convert the thousands that they converted because God loved them
more, or because it was a different time, these miracles were
performed after these prophets gave themselves to much fasting and
prayer, in order to know God. Enos describes his process as being a
wrestle, Alma as well. It's not easy to be diligent, it really is a
sacrifice, but "sacrifice is giving up something good, for something

I love you! I hope you have a great week!

LG Elder Oliphant

Elder Oliphant, his trainee Elder Teuscher and Elder Adams

He's not the only missionary in a wheelchair

Freiberg Temple

Elder Nearon

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