Saturday, July 23, 2016

This is your son in Germany

Hey Mom!

So, as I hope you already know, I got one of the screws taken
out of my leg on Monday, and the wound got infected. They tried to
take care of it at the clinic where I was, but it was spreading too
fast so they told me I needed to go to the hospital. I got to the
hospital and I got in right away, the doctor looked at it and decided
that they needed to reopen the wound in order to clean out all of The
infection, and that they were going to operate that same day, in 2
hours. They sent me up to my room, where I waited for 10 hours instead

The surgery was successful, they took the metal plate off of my leg so
that no infection could get underneath it, but also because the doctor
said that I still have good healthy bones and the break is healing
really well, so it's not super necessary. They then put a vacuum
bandage on my leg with a tube that is going to suck out all of the
rest of the infection over the next few days. After that they'll resew
the wound and I should be able to leave. The doctor said I'll probably
have to stay here for 8-10 days, which is really bad because we have a
baptism tomorrow and Sebastian asked me to baptize him, and now I
won't even be able to be there. I'm trying to stay happy with just
knowing that he's getting baptized, but it's hard. We're both pretty
upset that I won't be baptizing him. :(

Anyway, this hospital is ok, it's really hot though. I've been
sweating so much it's crazy. The nurses are also pretty nice here, and
somehow I currently have a room to myself. Didn't think that was
possible in Germany

When you want to talk you can call president Fingerle and he'll set up
a three way call between us.

Also, I'm writing with Elder Day's iPad because yesterday the nurse
told me not to leave anything valuable in my room while I was gone, so
my comp took it with him, and then they forgot to bring it back... I
really hope they bring it back tomorrow because I need to skype in to
this baptism!

Well, I love you, I'm still doing alright. The APs are about to leave
so if you want to respond just send it to my email and I'll read it

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