Friday, October 24, 2014

Hello mom,

They are allowing us to write one more email home before we head out :) 
I will plan on calling you at 9:00 on the HOME phone. If dad is at work I can call him as well. 
We had in-field orientation today, it was SO Boring. We just learned everything that we've been learning in the past 6 weeks, but it took 10 hours :/ not fun at all.

Thanks for getting me a good seat on the plane :) You're the best :)

So I have some news... I got your package, and I saw the little yellow package. I didn't see the little "for Christmas" written on it though... So I opened it and IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!! I'm sorry I opened it now, but it is SO cool. Thank you so much for that :) I love it

****Editor's Note****
I was too cheap to ship part of his Christmas present and told him I would send it now and he was supposed to put it in his suitcase until Dec 25.

So I'm sorry about that, I guess you'll just have to get me another Christmas present... ;)

I love you all. I'll talk to you on Tuesday.

Elder Oliphant.

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