Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hey Mom :)

I have that letter you sent in the mail with the answer's written :) you should get it soon. Also, can you send me the Crockett's mailing address? I want to thank them for giving dad the tickets. 

Well this week has been a big one for sure. I saw so many people from home! I saw the Crockett's, I saw dad and the boys, and I ran into Amy Fillmore! That's pretty cool! We went to the BYU Heath clinic because my companion needed a prescription, and she was there. Pretty cool stuff :)

Also, thank you for the packages, and for all of that hippie food :) yum yum yum! But I found out that you can go to the wrap line just ask for a tortilla with a bunch of cheese, and then go microwave it and make a quesadilla! I'll be living off those for a little while now :) So how did you enjoy conference? I loved it, especially Elder Bednar's talk. He basically just did my job for me :) So guess what? This week I found out my mission is probably getting iPads! That's so cool! It's just another example of God using the resouces we have to help hasten the work :)

I had some very spiritual insights this week. Go look up Romans 5:3-5. Paul writes to the Romans about trials, and how we overcome them. In fact, you should just read the entire Epistle to the Romans as a family. There are a ton of things in there that we as member's of Christ's Church need to remember. He says it like it is.

No travel plans yet, but that's because we have no idea when we're actually leaving. We were told the 28th, and the travel office says the 28th, but the official schedule says the 21st, and if we stay an extra week we won't have any teachers, because they will all be teaching the new Germans. So I have no idea what's going to happen... But Oh well.

So in 2 days I'll have been out for one whole month. only 23 more to go... wow.

Sorry, but this week I accidentally deleted all of my pictures on my camera, so I don't have a ton, but I promise I'll send what I have, and then next week you'll have a bunch! Thanks for your patience.

Don't worry, I promise I'm following all the rules. Exact obedience brings miracles. That's what they say around here.

I hope that everything is going ok with the ward, and with the family, and that everyone's not too sad about me leaving. 

I love you all, and miss you lots

Elder Oliphant

Thanks :) you're the best

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