Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lots of Pictures!

****Editor's Note***
I bought Egg Nog Pints, froze them and sent them in a Ziploc bag in a same day package.

Hello mother, thank you for the package. The egg nog was fantastic! That was an amazing idea! Good thinking on that one. It was perfectly thawed when I drank it. So good! I doubt I'll be able to find any non alcoholic egg nog for a while... Thanks for the conference talks you sent. Both of them I didn't get to see, and they are both great! They were exactly what I needed to hear. So amazing :) 

So I have a preposition for you. I promise to send you pictures, if you send me some!! I want to see what's going on at home, and see how my baby is  (his car). I haven't seen her for 5 weeks! I'm going through withdrawals... no Joke. I saw one driving down 9th on sunday during the temple walk, and I almost cried. It was so beautiful. Sehr Shön

Ich möchte zu seine leben sehen. Sorry if my grammar isn't perfect, I'm still pretty new at this language.

So I found out this week that it's that last week I'll have with my current teachers :( So sad. I love them so much, sister Judd is awesome, and brother Jones is from sandy!! He lives over by Dimple Dell! No wonder he's so cool :)

This week in my study of the New Testament I found a little scripture that I just love. 2 Corinthians 8:9. It goes along with what Elder Holland spoke about in his conference address, and honestly, I'm a little surprised he didn't share it. It's a great scripture, one of my new favorites. Honestly, I'm surprised the new testament isn't studied as much as the book of mormon. While I love the Book of Mormon, and I understand why we love it and study it so much, I am finding it goes hand in hand with the new testament, and they don't contradict each other, they compliment each other in a beautiful way :)

I will upload the pictures I took later today, I'm running out of time right now 0_0

Love you all, keep being awesome :)

Elder Oliphant

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