Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Travel Plans!!!

The Elder's I'm with are Elder Calmes, He went to Brighton and is friends with John, and Elder Perry. 

Elder Perry worked at snowbird, and was one of my best friends. He wasn't involved with the church at all, when I worked with him. He met a girl who is currently serving a mission. After he met her, he quit at snowbird, totally turned his life around and is now in Ecuador. He is such an amazing person. It was so good to see him completely turn his life around. I sent that picture to Jacob. Hopefully when he feels better he'll see it.

I have to go now. I love you :) tell Jacob I love him, and am praying for him. I put his name on the prayer roll today, so hopefully that can help him out a bit.

Thank you SO MUCH for the star wars stickers :)) They are so awesome!! I totally know what I'm going to do on the plane to entertain myself now :) Speaking of planes, I got my travel plans this week! Woo Hoo!! We are leaving the MTC around 6:30 AM, and our flight leaves Salt lake at 11:06. We Fly on Delta to Seattle, and we arrive there at 12:15 PM (1:15 Utah time). In Seattle we have a 2 hour layover, and our next flight to Amsterdam leaves at 2:29 PM. we arrive in Amsterdam at 8:15 AM, where we have another layover until 9:55 AM. Our Last flight is to Berlin, where we will arrive at 11:15 AM :) This is so cool, it's finally happening. We're actually going to GERMANY!!! During my time in the airports of SLC and SE, I will be able to call home. I will try to call you during the time in salt lake. Please be home and please answer the phone. We use calling cards to make calls and if you don't answer I lose a lot of minutes :)

Danke sie, für den brief sie haben in Deutsch geshreiben. Bitte, nutzen sie nicht google translate. Es macht kein sinn. Ich habe verstanden, aber es war schwer. So bitte, kein mer.

Sister Henrie says thank you for your kind words. Ok... She is 5'10" btw : )

I think you mean Elder Warby. He is from Taylorsville and yes, he know's the Oliphants. He is awesome :)

So you were wondering if I needed anything before I left. Remember how we were planning to bring an iPod, but we forgot? Yea, that would be nice because we are allowed to have them (With good, uplifting music) and we are allowed to have headphones. They sell them hear. 

So this week we had Elder Godoy from the seventy come speak to us. You probably remember him, he spoke in Portuguese in Conference. Yea, that's him. He's a really cool and funny guy. He spoke about advice he gave to his children before they went on missions. His 4 things we need to do are in Alma 26:22, and when we do these we are promised 2 specific blessings. You should look at it. It's pretty cool :)
Elder Godoy was a great speaker, and his son is here at the MTC getting ready to serve in Rome, Italy. It just so happens that his son is one of my friends here, so we got to meet Elder Godoy!! He's a really cool guy, and even though his English is far from perfect, he still was able to leave a spiritual message with us. It was cool for me to see that. It showed me that we don't need to speak perfectly to help bring others to Christ. Very Cool :)

I probably won't email again until the monday after I get to Germany, so be expecting a call! 

Love You!

Elder Oliphant

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